We speak the language of human connection, fluently.

It begins with that creative spark, an IDEA. You know what it is but can’t quite get it ACROSS. By really listening and developing an understanding of your needs, we help you TRANSLATE that idea into a fully fledged VISION, so your audience can not only see how great you are, they can FEEL it.

Whether it's in sales, service or industry, every company specializes in something and their people develop a language around that. But shop-talk doesn’t always translate well to your audience. That's where we come in. We specialize in the language of human connection, which is intuitively understood by all. 

At the very core, we translate an idea into a visual STORY that EVOKES EMOTION. As a creative agency/full service video production company, we ASK QUESTIONS, we LISTEN, we put ourselves in your corner. We build friendships and relationships, because that’s what brings us together, and ultimately makes your story connect with an audience.


Sometimes you know the destination, but don’t know the road to travel there.  Zig-zagging roads converge into one express highway with our creative process.  We interpret your goals and create a singular vision that will make the journey smooth.


What we can do is only limited by the imagination. We have every tool to create any kind of image, but the one we keep the sharpest is great communication. We take pride in pushing the envelope and doing what is unexpected.  We’ll do whatever it takes* to get the shot.

*legally :)


Pacing, shot selection, titles, sound design, motion graphics, finishing polish…. there are so many different languages that merge together and create a fluent finished product. We speak them all.



Creative Director

I've had the itch to create from a young age. Born and raised in Seattle, my respect for the PNW and all its diversity has shaped me from a young ski movie junkie, to a lover of the ocean, to a loyal fan of local music and art.  Making things, and influencing the way people feel is addictive, and I'm fortunate to do it every day.

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Post Producer

I love efficiency, organization and the power of systems to implement them both! If that’s not dry enough, I’m currently working my way through the “Everyman’s Library” with some practical finance books thrown in too. I find it amazing that we can capture and share our perspectives. That’s why I love filmmaking because I get to learn and share different stories - and that never gets dry or boring.

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Producer / Editor

I am a problem solver, musician, and lover of food. Raised among the hills of northern California I grew up picking grapes, and playing music. Today, as a producer I push the boundaries of what is possible to tell your story effectively. When not at Fluency I can be found performing with my band, or searching for the best food in Seattle.

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Seattle is home, but our office varies day to day. Sometimes it requires snowshoes, or sunscreen. Other times we keep in motion at our standing desks.